Spring storm

English version

Time had stopped and everything was dancing. The thirsty fields welcomed the crying of the clouds that brought the dying plants back to life.

Its bamboo canes, which came and went like pendulums, gave a glimpse of vegetables as burnished as a dusted off old picture. Meanwhile, the insects were heading for their sheds to observe in perspective this picturesque springtime sway.

At the rhythm of the wind, which was like a harsh and frightening shriek, the excited leaves made the branches nod, or else they made them dizzy trying to get rid of them. And when they came loose, they were scattered here and there, revealing the outline of the wind, until they were swept downstream into oblivion.

When the nice weather had given the baton to the spring storm, the curtain raised: time had stopped and everything was dancing.

Versió en català

El temps s’havia aturat i tot ballava. Els camps assedegats rebien de bon grat els plors dels núvols que feien reviscolar els planters somorts.

Les seves canyes de bambú, que anaven i venien com pèndols, deixaven entreveure unes hortalisses tan brunyides com una foto antiga a què se li treu la pols. Mentrestant, les bestioles s’arredossaven per veure amb perspectiva aquest vaivé primaveral tan pintoresc.

Al ritme del vent, que era com un xiscle estrident i esgarrifós, les fulles esvalotades feien assentir les branques més escanyolides, o bé les marejaven amb força per intentar-se’n alliberar. I quan se’n despenjaven s’escampaven per aquí i per allà, tot revelant la silueta del vent, fins que eren arrossegades riu avall en direcció a l’oblit.

Quan la bonança va haver cedit la batuta a la tempesta primaveral, es va obrir el teló: el temps s’havia aturat i tot ballava.

Image from La mente es maravillosa


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