The maze of poetry

There’s no way out of the maze of poetry,

but each of its corners is a verse;

each of its flowers, the fitting word;

every scent, the soul’s voice floating openly;

and, overall, a harmonious universe

where her rapt heart guides her back and forth.

Image from Pinterest


  1. El poeta vaga a ciegas
    por un laberinto de palabras,
    su musa le guía directa
    a las más bellas, pues sabe
    que él las convertirá en los versos
    de un hermoso poema de amor.

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  2. Great design, great poems, and great everything in general at this blog… We also wanted to let you know that we repost our last entry due to tech issues, if you fancy coming back to take a look. Sunny greetings from Spain.

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    • Thanks a lot for your kind words, guys! I’ve been following your blog for quite some time, so I am aware of this change and checked it up. Greetings from Spain too! 🌸😊

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