Stormy calm

English version

She beloved a sailor who used to complain that he had to embark every day under the morning sun. Waves later, noon would welcome him at its best, and his legs would tremble because of the heat. But time has its own way, and as soon as a lenghty and ferocious thunderstorm came, the calm sea became a blessing, and the hot sun a pleasant embrace.

Versió en català

Jo estimava un mariner

que a ell mateix es planyia

d’embarcar-se cada dia

amb el solàs matiner.

Al seu màxim esplendor,

el migdia l’acollia:

les cames li feien figa,

car es moria de calor.

Cada cosa té el seu temps

i, arribada la tempesta,

la mar plana era una festa

i el sol, un bes plaent.

Image from Jigsaw Central (“The sailor” by August Hagborg)


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