We’re all born in a little boat

that follows the course of a river.

Temporal luck will keep you afloat,

as every view will make you shiver.

One stone will be enough to submerge.

The nearest shore, some strokes away,

awaits you behind the fierce surge.

Try to swim on and come what may.

On land your fate depends on thee.

So why don’t you let your fears roll,

so that you’re wonderfully free

to obey the dictates of your soul?

Image from Saatchi Art (”Hetch Hetchy Hiker” by Mike Serafino)


  1. ¡Espléndido poema, me ha encantada realmente mucho! 😍
    Es un placer leer tus maravillosos escritos! 🥰
    Un abrazo muy fuerte lleno de cariño y feliz miércoles!!! ♥️🤗😘

    Liked by 2 people

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