The unbroken circle

Dressed up, I led life in a dance.

I was all hers; she was all mine

to write our innocent romance

and move ’round at the beat of time.

But it went dark a few nights later

and hailed on my head of bright sparks.

For we were great, but time was greater,

we became a leisurely walk.

Somewhere else, time led me in a dance.

Yet life was comely young and stayed

to dance without a backward glance

and recommence the love we’d made.

Image from (“El baile” by Henri Matisse)


    • Vielen Dank von ganzem Herzen. Ich bin froh, dass es Ihnen gefallen hat und freue mich darauf, Ihren nächsten Beitrag zu lesen! 😊🌊🌞


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